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Projects and Programs

Each school has a unique geographical, community and philosophical context.

There are endless projects – e.g. local, environmental, distant, small, large - which schools can be and are involved with but often schools have no overall philosophy of engagement.

To have meaning both for project recipients (partners) and the school, the reasoning behind the support needs to be clear for students, staff and the school community. Developing a depth of understanding of the need and its context and fostering a richness in the relationship is critical to a successful service focus in a school. There is less educational value to doing everything or even 'a lot’.

We are able to assist schools develop criteria for project selection and involvement that will create meaning and real learning for the whole school community.

Service, Leadership & Education Global is able to offer to schools a comprehensive suite of strategies and services to create a holistic service focus in the school where projects sit in an understood framework.

For example in your school context we can:

  • Workshop the philosophy of service and connection with staff and students

  • Explore and program Service Learning in the classroom

  • Form connections with agencies

  • Present interactive student leadership training days

  • Develop intentional criteria for holistic service programs

  • Develop strategies for the maintenance of connections in a meaningful way

  • Assess possible projects both local and international

  • Provide Risk and OHS assessments for projects.









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"Travelling to Tanzania in 2008 changed my whole world perspective. I now view each day differently, never taking anything for granted. It was a great opportunity for me to see how other cultures operate and function, perhaps without all of the comforts that I have now. Tanzania also affected where I want to go with my life as I am currently studying International studies at Uni. I am not sure where I want to be when I finish my degree, but I am sure that I would love to return to Africa and help in any way possible."

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