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  • Board, executive and staff in-service and workshops.

  • Review of school philosophy and practice

  • Student leadership programs

  • School service program development

  • Local and international connections and project development

  • Conference presentations

  • Assessment of service tour viability

  • Assessment of service program viability

  • International service projects and tours

  • General education consulting services







Service-learning in education can inspire both students and staff and change focus from education benefiting self to experiencing education as the beginnings of a life of service and fulfillment.

"David and Rowena's vision for Service Learning in the St Paul's school community, which had at its apex their annual trip to Tanzania, brought the world into our isolated - even insular - little corner of the western suburbs of Sydney in a very real and vibrant way.  The African projects especially - which included ongoing support of a school in the Congo - increasingly permeated the high school consciousness;  even unexpectedly adding a dimension of authenticity to hitherto theoretical subject units on emerging nations, distribution of wealth and life in another culture.  The fact that each year, some of their fellow students would actually experience the culture and confront the challenges of life for Tanzanians, resulted in the development of a sense not only of empathy but of personal responsibility which was hugely beneficial for our students and which had been, prior to the focus on Service Learning, very difficult to foster."

Anne Commerford, Teacher