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Service Leadership & Education Global is committed to the concepts of experiential learning and the integral part this plays in creating relationship and deeper understanding. Partnership is developed in relationship and in working together.

For this reason Service Leadership & Education Global creates tours which enhance partnership and learning. We can devise a customised program which suits your school or other organisation, to locations and situations which inform and grow understanding of your projects and partnerships.

Our tours are organised for:

Teachers to enable planning for student tours

Teachers to partner with other teachers to grow an understanding of teaching practice and inform your own teaching

School communities to grow relationships with project partners

Groups interested in and committed to service in our world

Churches interrested in visiting mission partners

Service, Leadership & Education Global can be involved in structuring a program of pre tour learning and post tour engagement to ensure a maximum impact not simply for the students who travel but their colleagues in the school, the school community and beyond.





Details for the exciting 2012 LSC tours

2012 Tour Brochure
2012 dates costs and inclusions
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Tour Dates 2012

1 April - 15 April

22 June - 10 July


Without the insights from the Tanzania trip into major world problems, there is a likelihood (as there are with many western school students), that I would never empathise with such issues, live blissfully ignorant, and not be part of the solution to issues that threaten life on a daily basis.

 Ed Kirkwood