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David Lindsay.

David worked as a structural consulting engineer for 10 years prior to commencing teaching mathematics at St Paul’s Grammar School Penrith. He has taught all levels of mathematics in NSW and the International Baccalaureate Diploma program. Following roles as a house master and year coordinator and 5 years representing staff at school board meetings he was appointed as Head of Senior School, an executive position he held for 10 years. He has been closely involved in building projects and development of the school property.

David has learned to appreciate education of the whole person as being more important than pure academic learning. Learning through service gives depth to the academic experience. The future of our students, our society and our world depends on how we serve each other. It has been wonderful to work together with students to grow this understanding. Education makes a difference in this world.


Rowena Bragg.

Rowena has been a secondary teacher in a number of schools for over 25 years. She most recently worked at St Paul’s Grammar School, Penrith where, she held the roles of IB Coordinator for the CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) Program and Head of Department followed by Deputy Head of Senior School. She developed a belief in service providing meaning for learning and was also instrumental in staff training. She developed a varied program of service- learning which provided opportunities for both local and global involvement and was instrumental in staff training. Rowena is passionate about educating young people to be outward looking, caring and thoughtful who love to learn and strive to do and be their best.


Conference Presentations

  • IB Asia Pacific Regional Conference: Singapore 2010

“Service Learning”

  • International Transforming Education Conference: Darwin  2011

“Service: Focus and imperative of the educational experience”


  • ACEL National Conference Learning Landscapes, Adelaide 2011

Meaningful Learning: Engaging with a Complex World



We are experienced educators who each have over a decade of school leadership experience and are committed to an authentic holistic approach to school education.  At the core of our approach is a philosophy of service which takes the focus off self and onto others, thereby providing purpose and value in education and life


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Headmaster, St Andrew’s Cathedral School, Sydney

Antony Mayrhofer, International Baccalaureate Program, Authorisation Team Leader


Four students in my IB English class stood up and presented on the trip, in the context of “postcolonial literature and postcolonial experience.” They were obviously inspired and motivated to great human goals, and energised to educate us as a group about the third world and our responsibilities towards it…..It was truly one of those lessons where the teacher becomes the student, and I realised that with rich experience comes true authority to teach.

Christian School Education Journal (2008), Volume 12, Number 4, 2008-2009, pages 16-19,