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At Service, Leadership and Education Global, we believe that learning is for life and that a primary purpose of learning is for the service of others.  If this premise is valid then the structures, programs and activities of educational institutions and indeed all organisations should be arranged to reflect this. There is a reason to learn that is greater than self.

This focus has many wonderful outcomes that transcend a pure academic/ pastoral view for schools and which provide a platform for integrated, holistic programs. We believe for instance that an institution wide focus on service, over time, will change the way in which students relate to each other. Students will learn hands on how to serve others: that service will become a mind set; that students will learn about commitment not just a quick fix; that students will learn the 'how' of organizing service projects; that students will come to a realistic understanding of their place in the community and in the global world we are living in. Students will learn that authentic service can make a real difference.

These ideas are transformational in a school environment and necessarily will involve staff more meaningfully with students.

These ideas enhance academic learning, aiming not simply for a trite ‘excellence’ but for an ‘excellence’ driven by and for purpose.

These ideas can calm a school. They can change the focus of discipline. They can change the way in which meetings are run, student leaders are appointed, activities are chosen, community is felt, ……….

Service, Leadership and Education Global would like to work with your school to evaluate what you currently do.

We would like to work with your school to create a vision for your students which allows them a lifelong vision of purpose.

We would like to work with all types of schools to bring about a sharpened focus. Service is a valid human focus for a purposeful education. For faith-based schools a further depth of meaning brings greater life to education.

Service, Leadership and Education Global would like to work with your school at an organisational, small group or program level. This may include programs for student leadership, local and international connections and possible service tours.

Service, Leadership and Education Global believe that we can bring a fresh view to your school.



ACEL conference  October, 2011 Adelaide

Symposium - Meaningful Learning



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